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Bus adverts a human rights issue

The atheist bus adverts issue continues. This controversy arose back in February when The New Zealand Bus Company reversed their original agreement to run ads (see New Zealand has bigots too). While the NZ Atheist Bus Campaign used part of … Continue reading

NZ Atheists Swap Buses For Billboards

This from the NZ Atheist Bus Campaign: The NZ Atheist Bus Campaign will unveil billboards with friendly atheist slogans in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch this week. The campaign has chosen the three winning phrases from more than 900 public submissions … Continue reading

Atheists provoke a reaction

This one had to come, I guess. For a while now there have been videos circulated of a scene from the 2004 film Downfall where Hilter “looses it.” They have been dubbed to produce parodies supporting different viewpoints – some … Continue reading

NZ Atheist Bus Campaign reaches fund raising target in under a week

Below is a press release from the organisers of the NZ Atheist Bus campaign. The current total raised is over NZ$20,200. The NZ Atheist Bus Campaign is one step closer to placing atheist ads on buses, with their fund raising … Continue reading

Bus adverts and the 2011 NZ census

What is it with these atheists? I go out of town for a few days and they launch their NZ bus adverts campaign.  When I get back I find that I almost miss my own chance to make a donation! … Continue reading

Battle of the bus ads

I personally think these atheist bus adverts are a good idea. But I wouldn’t if they were agrressive or hostile to believers. Their value lies in making people aware that there are people who don’t have religious beliefs. These people … Continue reading

Agnostic/atheist labels

I get annoyed with people who won’t accept how I describe myself. Those who respond to my self-description as an atheist by saying: “No you’re not. You’re an agnostic.” It’s interesting that this response usually comes from theists – and … Continue reading

Moral evolution in today’s society

This post is the last in a series on human morality (see, Objective or subjective laws and lawgivers, Subjective morality – not what it seems? and Drifting moral values). These are not meant as an academic treatment of the subject (as one commenter (OS) … Continue reading

You CAN be good with God!

OK – we have become used to the slogan “You can be good without God.” Versions of it have popped up all around the world over the last few years. Even in little old New Zealand. It’s really only stating … Continue reading

Theological critiques of billboards required

The atheist billboards which went up in three New Zealand cities recently have provoked some interest. Most of it has been quietly positive. However, there are the critics. Inevitably there are those who criticise the weakness of the slogans. Lindsay … Continue reading