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Australian census religion question – progress

Looks like Australians have won another small victory in the way that their religiosity is officially assessed. In particular how census forms pose the religion question on census forms is posed. I discussed the problems in my article Non religious in … Continue reading

Census 2013 – religious diversity

Statistics New Zealand has released preliminary figures for religious affiliation from the 2013 census. The raw figures show for the major affiliations (Christian and No religion) the following: Religious affiliation Number No religion 1,635,348 Christian 1,879,671 Total Responses  4,343,781 Total … Continue reading

Fiddling with census figures for religion in New Zealand

Despite the bad publicity dogging the Catholic church internationally,  Karl du Fresne reports that many NZ Catholics have a positive picture of their church in New Zealand (see Catholicism: Holy smoke, NZ Listener). His subtitle conveys the message – despite … Continue reading

Census 2013: That religion question

Ben Heather, at Stuff, made some comments on the religion question in the NZ Census (see Census 2013: Taking Stock Of New Zealand Society) which need slightly deeper analysis. He said: “Atheism is tipped to continue its rise in this … Continue reading

Australian census confirms healthy trend

The early results from the Australian 2011 census have appeared. There has been a lot of comment on the trends for religion. The No Religion group has now moved to second place (22.3%), behind Catholic (25.3%) and ahead of Anglican … Continue reading

Taking the census seriously

Census time is almost upon us. Tuesday, 8 March is census day. Every 5 years we get counted. The information is used for various official purposes and is available to researchers. It is obviously important that the information is accurate … Continue reading

Bus adverts and the 2011 NZ census

What is it with these atheists? I go out of town for a few days and they launch their NZ bus adverts campaign.  When I get back I find that I almost miss my own chance to make a donation! … Continue reading

Christian co-option of karakia

In my post, European and Māori major non-believers in NZ, I posed the question: “I wonder if these non-religious Māori feel as offended as I do when a Christian prayer, disguised as a karakia, is imposed on them?” So, I was pleased to get … Continue reading

European and Māori major non-believers in NZ

This was a bit of a surprise to me. The 2013 census data show that a similar proportion of the European and Māori ethnic groups declared themselves as having no religion in the 2013 census – 46.9 percent of European and 46.3 percent … Continue reading

Fluoride and IQ – once more

I guess anti-fluoridation propagandists will soon be pushing another “scientific” paper claiming to show that fluoride decrease IQ. Of course, this paper is published in the anti-fluoride journal Fluoride – which gives you a clue to how unreliable it is. … Continue reading