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Peter Singer on effective charity

Peter Singer is one of the best known philosophers, especially on ethical questions. His book The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty makes the case for charitable giving from the viewpoint of secular ethics. In it … Continue reading

Secular charity

Anyone currently attached to social networking sites and applications will be aware of the huge groundswell of concern for the people of Haiti. Many people are searching for suitable agencies to channel their donations. In my accompanying post No gods … Continue reading

Charity and linked data

Image via Wikipedia I have been reading Peter Singer‘s book The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty. It’s interesting – but somewhat challenging. It’s hard not to approach it with feelings of guilt (“I don’t give … Continue reading

Anti-fluoride campaigners exhaust their legal channels with another loss

NZ Supreme Court Building, Wellington The NZ Supreme Court has delivered its judgments and local anti-fluoride campaigners (and their big business supporters) seem to have come to the end of the line with their legal actions to prevent community water … Continue reading

Why should we subsidise religious leaders and their silly statements?

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki’s statement blaming the Kaikoura earthquake on “gays, sinners, and murderers” highlights the stupidity of our charity laws which define the advancement of religion a charitable activity and give tax exempt status to religions purely because they advance religion. Public … Continue reading

Flogging a dead horse – anti-fluoridationists lose in court again

The NZ Court of Appeal has rejected the latest legal attempt by New Zealand anti-fluoridation campaigners to hinder community water fluoridation. You can read a summary of the ruling in the Court’s press release – New Health v South Taranaki District Council. … Continue reading

Obama’s United Nations address: “We Must Stamp Out ‘Apocalyptic Cult’ ISIS”

These two posts of speeches from the current UN General Assembly might provoke some discussion ( and I sincerely hope they do). They are the major speeches presented by US President Barak Obama and Russian federation President Vladimir Putin. I have … Continue reading

Commercial and ideological support of anti-fluoride activity

Fluoride Free NZ (FFNZ) promotes a list of “NZ Health Professionals who are calling for an end to fluoridation.” I am generally cynical about such endorsement lists, but the details in this list do give a picture of the commercial … Continue reading

The farce of a “sciency” anti-fluoride report

Click for a larger image I came up with the image above after a quick glance at a “report” promoted by the local Fluoride Free groups and Paul Connett’s Fluoride Alert organisation. (Scientific and Critical Analysis of the 2014 New … Continue reading

Corporate backers of anti-fluoride movement lose in NZ High Court.

Image Credit: 3 News NZ New Zealand anti-fluoride activists (and their industry backers) suffered a signficant blow with the release of a High Court Judgement on Friday. This Judgement found that all the arguments used by New Health NZ attempting … Continue reading