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Heartland’s climategate – and Mann’s book

The blogosphere has been humming over the last few days with revelations contained in document leaked from the US Heartland Institute. Documents outlining strategy for the promotion of climate denial – both through the media and through educations programmes. Have … Continue reading

Climategate 2.0 and “toecurling” journalism

It’s the silly season again. Another climate change conference (Durban) – another climategate hoax. This cartoon from crikey (Bitter Climate Science Tryst Shock Scandal Rift Emails Exposed) sums it up. Credit: Firstdog at crikey Thanks to: Bitter Climate Science Tryst … Continue reading

WikiLeaks and climategate

It must be a headache pulling out information from all the cables released by Wikileaks. Even so, some of the cables do give an appreciation of what was going on behind the scenes at the Copenhagen conference last year. Now … Continue reading

Climategate – Journalist withdraws and apologises

Hot Topic has an informative article covering the the Independent Climate Change Email Review chaired by Sir Muir Russell (see Climategate’s final fizzle). The report can be downloaded here (FINAL REPORT). It’s 160 pages and appears very thorough. But it … Continue reading

“Climategate” smears found false – Mann cleared

The final investigation of Dr Michael Mann by the Pennsylvania State Unviersity has now reported. It has unanimously found that “after careful review of all available evidence, there is no substance to the allegation against Dr. Michael E. Mann, Professor, … Continue reading

Climategate, Lord Monckton and Monty Python

Christopher Monckton is held in awe by some of the more naive climate change deniers. For a more objective assessment of his abilities and reliability have a look at these videos. Debunking Lord Monckton Part 1. Debunking Lord Monckton Part … Continue reading

Climategate summed up

They say a picture can tell a story. I think this one is pretty good. Its by Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle From the Cartoonist Group. Thanks to Mind of Dan, Climategate: the scandal that wasn’t, Part 2 Permalink Similar articles

Chris Mooney interviews Michael Mann on “climategate”

This is an interesting interview (download MP3). Michael Mann has been vilified by climate change deniers. His work on the so-called “hockey stick” graph  is still being misrepresented despite being validated by the US National research council and other researchers. … Continue reading

George Monbiot on ClimateGate & the climate denial industry

Public comments on the “climategate” emails have certainly been varied. From one extreme like Lord Monckton who uses it to justify his outlandish giant conspiracy theory, to the more rational discussion by science journalists. George Monbiot, who writes for The … Continue reading

“Climategate” – the smoking gun?

Some of the more extreme climate change deniers, and others who have an anti-science agenda, continue to dredge through the domestic debris of the emails stolen by a hacker from the climatic research unit at the University of East Anglia. … Continue reading