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Godless cosmology

Many people try to keep science and religion separate. Even believers will compartmentalise their religious beliefs separately from their scientific knowledge. In fact, some theologians see attempts to justify religious beliefs with scientific evidence as a slippery slope. Father George … Continue reading

Another god debate

Apparently Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig went head to head this weekend on the question of “the existence of God in light of contemporary cosmology.” Usually I think these sort of debates are a waste of time but am … Continue reading

Testing the God theory

I enjoyed this video. It is a full lecture but well worth watching – especially if you are interested in the science-religion debates. Sean Carroll presents these cosmological arguments well – and his analysis is far more up to date … Continue reading

Moral animals

I am spending some time dealing with family business so I am reposting some of my past book reviews over the next few days. These could be useful with Christmas coming up. Here’s a book for lovers of animals – … Continue reading

Morality and non-human animals

Book review: Can Animals Be Moral? by Mark Rowlands Price: US$29.95; NZ42.99 Hardcover: 272 pages Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (November 1, 2012) ISBN-10: 0199842000 ISBN-13: 978-0199842001 Interested readers need to know – this is a book about philosophy, not … Continue reading

That particle again

This week sees the launch of another book on the Higgs Boson. This one is by the cosmologist Sean Carroll – The Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us to the … Continue reading

Great science talks in Auckland

There’s some great talks coming up in the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival involving science writers. Unfortunately they are selling out quick – so if you are interested I recommend booking right away. Here are the details: A UNIVERSE FROM … Continue reading

Comprehending reality – Should we give up so easily?

The Edge question is an annual event. Publisher John Brockman poses an interesting question to a large number of scientists, thinkers, academics and writers. He publishes their answers on the Edge website and usually, later,  as a book* The 2012 … Continue reading

More on the science of morality

I think we may be seeing the beginning of a new wave of popular science books on morality. Sam Harris‘s The Moral Landscape got wide coverage and sparked several high-profile debates on the subject (see The new science of morality, Is … Continue reading

Limits of logic

I have commented before on the limitations of deductive logic – see “Other ways of knowing” – some sense at last). And how easily people manipulate logic by faulty reasoning and by assuming shonky premises. Very tempting for someone with a … Continue reading