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The creationism controversy – a summary

Here’s a great summary of the creationist controversy – their claims and why they don’t work. Presented by Eugenie Scott at A Celebration of Reason – 2012 Global Atheist Convention held in Melbourne last April Eugenie Scott – Reason And … Continue reading

Creationism, climate change and scientific denialism

Strange how one keeps coming across familiar people. Last week I was shocked to read Andrew Bolt’s article on the Global Atheist Convention (see Speakers true love of hatred). He wasn’t there and those of us that were recognised his … Continue reading

Creationism’s tactical blunders

It’s been obvious for a long time that the creationist tactic of “evolution bashing” is counter-productive. Now a leading Christian apologist has recognised this and is calling for a change of tactics. Hugh Ross, from the creationist think tank Reasons … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism and climate change

What is it with the intelligent design (ID) people and climate change? I can understand the attacks they make on evolutionary science. After all, that is meant to be there reason for existence. But why the attacks on the science … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism: Postscript

This series about intelligent design and creationism has briefly covered the nature of scientific knowledge , the issue of scientific credibility, religious agenda and the science/religion conflict. The web sites listed below provide a more in-depth coverage. However, I recommend … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism IV: The religion – science conflict

Previous posts in this series covered the nature of scientific knowledge , the issue of scientific credibility and the religious agenda of intelligent design (ID). This final one deals with the religion/science conflict inherent in ID. Modern science doesn’t encompass … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism III: The religious agenda

Previous posts have covered the nature of scientific knowledge and the issue of scientific credibility. This covers the links between intelligent design (ID) and both creationism and religion. Creationist and religious heritage Supporters of ID often deny its links to … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism II: Is it scientific?

The first part of this series (Intelligent design/creationism I: What is scientific knowledge?) stressed that the scientific credibility of any theory can be assessed by consulting the peer-reviewed scientific literature. If there isn’t any that is an immediate reason to … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism I: What is scientific knowledge?

Intelligent design/creationism and the attack on teaching of evolution is a big issue in the USA. It doesn’t have the same threat to education here in New Zealand. Nevertheless, there are Christian groups (e.g. Christian News) promoting these ideas and … Continue reading

¶ Should we teach creationism?

Have recently finished reading Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. Yes, I did find the language rather quaint but I was very impressed by the thoroughness of this work. Darwin seemed to anticipate all the arguments which might be … Continue reading