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An eReader breakthrough?

This looks interesting. A 13.3 inch eReader. Ideal for pdfs and annotations or note-taking. Perhaps not suitable for the casual reader, reading in bed or for people who just read thrillers. It’s far too big. But it may be suitable … Continue reading

Should we trust science? – Wellington talk

Naomi Oreskes is Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University, and an internationally renowned geologist, science historian, and author. If you are in Wellington next Tuesday this should be an interesting … Continue reading

Our Far South – time we learned about it

I am spending some time dealing with family business so I am reposting some of my past book reviews over the next few days. These could be useful with Christmas coming up. This is Gareth Morgan’s second to last book. … Continue reading

What a shock!

I’ve been intensively using both an eReader and iPad as my reading devices. They both have advantages and disadvantages. So I had thought I would write post comparing these and suggesting where one was better than, or more suitable than, … Continue reading

The most important place you didn’t know about

Book review: Ice, Mice and Men: The Issues Facing Our Far South by Geoff Simmons & Gareth Morgan Price: NZ$35; Epub/Mobi NZ$15. ISBN: 9780987666628 Barcode: 9780987666628 Published: 12 July 2012 by Public Interest Publishing Ltd Antarctica brings to mind nature … Continue reading

What’s in store for eBook readers

I think many New Zealanders have joined the digital reading revolution. They are purchasing eBooks on-line and reading them on a tablet, such as the iPad, or a dedicated reading device, an eReader. Personally I think eReaders are a better … Continue reading

Problems with pdf eBooks – metadata issues

I have become increasingly dependent on my eBook reader. Consequently I now have quite a few eBooks – and many of them are in the pdf format. While most eReaders will display pdf formats there can be issues. Because these … Continue reading

A philosopher’s Christmas present

Here’s something for readers interested in the philosophy of science. A special issue of the journal Synthese with a collection of papers discussing evolutionary science and the opposition to it. And the Christmas present? These papers are freely accessible and … Continue reading

The joys of eBook readers – the Sony PRS-650 Touch

Well, I finally succumbed and got myself an eBook Reader. I am certainly not one of those who take up new technology early. Mind you, eBook Readers have been in New Zealand only since last May, so I do feel … Continue reading

Are ebooks taking off?

Martin Taylor at eReport reports this amazing statistic (See US stats show 9% ebook share, grim news for print): The latest US book industry sales figures from the Association of American Publishers show ebooks are now tracking at 9% of … Continue reading