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Opportunities and problems for grassroots activism offered by the internet

Caitlin Johnstone is an amazing woman. Very literate and on the ball politically. Her analysis of recent changes in information transfer offered by the internet and the reaction of mainstream media is important. This speech, “How to Win a Grassroots … Continue reading

The quackery of anti-fluoride internet trolls

The article How Quackery Sells from Quackwatch is ten years old but it still very relevant. Perhaps even more relevant than it used to be because of the increase in internet coverage. This has widened the possibilities for snake oil salespersons. But it … Continue reading

Why the internet annoys chemists

Here are some of chemist’s pet peeves chemists about discussion on social media and the internet in general. The list is from the article  5 simple chemistry facts that everyone should understand before talking about science posted on the blog The Logic … Continue reading

“Internet and social media misinform thousands daily”

A recent analysis of the internet and social media illustrates the up-hill battle science and health professionals, and pro-science lay people, often face with misinformation and outright distortion of science. The authors show the problem for the case of community water fluoridation and … Continue reading

The internet – Yeah, right!

Here’s something I picked up on Twitter from Tim Hart (@Timwellspent). As he said “This is quite brilliant. What The Sun newspaper wrote about the internet 20 years ago.” Brings back memories. Update: Thanks to HappyEvilSlosh we have the origin … Continue reading

People saying stupid things on the Internet

I saw this young Muslim women on the TV news last night. She was demonstrating against the US over that silly video. The interview asked her _”but don’t you believe in freedom of expression. Her answer – “Yes, but not … Continue reading

Internet silos become ideological ghettos

Just six days ago the NZ High Court released its judgement on the attempt by local climate change deniers/contrarians/sceptics/crackpots to get a judicial overthrow of the NZ temperature record managed by NIWA scientists (see New Zealand climate change denial defeated). This … Continue reading

Check out those climate change claims on the internet

This looks interesting. Skeptical Science has introduced a Firefox add-on which enables an internet surfer to rapidly check out the arguments found on web pages and blogs. Great for those without a specialist knowledge in the area of climate science. … Continue reading

Judging the internet – and books

Normally I enjoy getting a new book. A chance to leaf through for a general impression and then get stuck into reading. But I have one that I must read, and I keep putting off. For some reason it doesn’t … Continue reading

“Scientific” debate on the internet

In her post incoming woo – ‘stabilised liquid oxygen’ & other nonsense Alison discusses some of the pseudo science rubbish that gets published in newspapers. Particularly in the “Letters to the Editor” columns. Andre Picard discussed the same phenomena occurring … Continue reading