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Determining scientific knowledge by petition

Some readers may be familiar with the “Scientific Dissent from Darwinism” petition organised by the Discovery Institute. It’s a classic example of trying to decide science by petition. The petition still gets trundled out by creationists attempting to “prove’ that … Continue reading

Anti-fluoridation study flawed – petition rejected

A recent research paper claiming a signficant cost/benefit advantage in banning the use of fluorosilicic acid as a fluoridating agent in public water treatment, and replacing it with sodium fluoride, has been found flawed. This was revealed as a result of … Continue reading

Fluoridation petition – for Hamilton citizens

This is running very late as the petition has to be back with the Hamilton City Council by July 1. It already has over 1000 signatures but requires 1500. If you need background information see the links below. The Waikato … Continue reading

A competition for Aussie science blogs

I wonder how many science blogs there are in Australia. How do the numbers compare with New Zealand? Anyway it looks like organisers of the Australian National Science Week are taking their local blogger seriously. They have launched a competition … Continue reading

Stand with Burma petition

For those concerned about the current problems in Burma there is a petition organised by to urge international action in defence of the Burmese people. This from the web site: After decades of military dictatorship, the people of … Continue reading

Anti-slavery petition

This one is for New Zealanders. The question of slave labour in other countries is very relevant to us as it can be a reason for our cheap imports. Something we should think about! Go to the Trade Aid website … Continue reading

When scientists get political: Lead fluoride-IQ researcher launches emotional attack on her scientific critics

It seems impossible to keep politics out of science. It’s a pity because politics can end up forcing science to produce the results desired by politicians. When this happens the ideal aim of science – the pursuit of objective knowledge … Continue reading

We need more post-publication peer review

We often tout peer review as the reason for accepting the veracity of published scientific studies? But how good is it really? Does it ever match the ideal picture people have of it? And what about peer review before and after … Continue reading

Trump didn’t invent the problems – and his opponents didn’t invent protest

At last, I find myself agreeing with something written by PZ Myers – well, sort of. I agree with the main message in his article about the current US political mess  – It is disturbing that the news is all Russia … Continue reading

EPA comprehensively debunks anti-fluoride claims of a fluoride-IQ effect

FAN propaganda video promoting their petition to the EPA to stop community water fluoridation The US environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has denied an anti-fluoride petition to ban community water fluoridation. The document outlining its reasons for declining the petition is valuable because … Continue reading