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Reinterpretation “research” on climate change

The hyper-activity* of some climate change sceptics/contrarians/deniers reminds me of the approach common with creationists on the internet.  Constant cherry picking, quote mining, article linking, etc. All with the aim of discrediting scientific ideas and conclusions. Some time ago in … Continue reading

Creationists prefer numerology to real scientific research

Ian Wishart is a local “investigative’ journalist and well-known conspiracy theorist from way back. He’s dabbled in climate change, creationism, health, political, crime, and other issues. He’s a firm creationist and so it’s no surprise he has picked up on … Continue reading

Designer spin II

Logo Credit: LOLcats tradition Another area of political spin by intelligent design (ID) proponents is their claim to actually be doing scientific research on ID. Biologic Institute This was the Discovery Institute’s motive for setting up the Seattle-based Biologic Institute … Continue reading

The ghetto of apologetics “science”

The scientific process is very dynamic, social and intimately connected with reality. Ideas and hypotheses are continually being developed, challenged, debated and tested. Experiential validation, mapping theory against reality, helps keep science honest. This, and the scientific process of critical … Continue reading

Redefining science by inference

I am responding here to some comments on my post about science bashing and its discussion in other blogs (here, here & here). I think there are two aspects worth covering:

Intelligent design as a scientific idea.

Intelligent design (ID) often gets rejected out of hand as just not science. However, I think that is a bit harsh. I think we should accept that ID is at least a scientific idea. After all, science is more than … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism and climate change

What is it with the intelligent design (ID) people and climate change? I can understand the attacks they make on evolutionary science. After all, that is meant to be there reason for existence. But why the attacks on the science … Continue reading

Intelligent design and depression

I am currently reading Michael Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution,one of the main books advocating “intelligent design” (ID). It’s quite different to most other science books. Whereas I normally enjoy science books and find them … Continue reading

Intelligent design and scientific method

The intelligent design movement (ID) is not a school of scientific research – more a political, social and religious movement. IDs initiator and main theological guru, Phillip Johnson, admitted this in 1996 when he said: “This isn’t really, and never … Continue reading