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Religious instruction scrapped from school curriculum in Victoria

Religious instruction scrapped from curriculum – what a great headline to see in the newspaper. Unfortunately, it is just for the Australian state of Victoria. But it could well happen here, considering the opposition to religious instruction in state schools we … Continue reading

Progress in removing religious instruction from public schools?

Looks like we might be making a bit of progress in attempts to establish a genuine secular education system in New Zealand. There are reports that “secular education advocates have had a win in their fight against the Bible in … Continue reading

Religion in schools – a sensible approach

Here’s a short Aussie video on the problem of religious instruction in secular schools. It’s well presented, and the situation in Australia is quite like that in New Zealand. In particular, the legal structure which allows access by religious groups … Continue reading

Faith schools

Here is something for parents to consider. I think that, under the humour, there is a serious message.

Send this DVD to our schools

Here’s an idea for Focus on the Family’s next project to encourage discussion of science in New Zealand’s schools. Why not send a copy of the DVD Allan Wilson: Evolutionary to the 400 schools they sent their last project to … Continue reading

Teaching science in faith schools

It’s easy to think that the current attack on science in the USA is a peculiarly American phenomenon – that it doesn’t, or wouldn’t, occur here in New Zealand. After all, a poll (UMR Research Survey: Morality, Religion and Evolution) … Continue reading

Discrimination at school

New Zealand has good Human Rights Legislation making discrimination on grounds of religion or ethical belief illegal. Despite this religious discrimination in favour of Christian beliefs occurs. Obvious examples are the use of Christian prayers in Parliament, some local councils … Continue reading

Religion and Schools

Too often when we talk about religious diversity, people with non-theist beliefs are excluded. We saw this with the the statement on Religious Diversity in New Zealand. It refers to our legislation, and international treaties, which guarantee human rights for … Continue reading

What about those Russian neo-Nazis?

Moving on in my critique of the article mentioned in the first post of this series (see Confusion about neo-Nazis in Ukraine-Russia war). Peter Ballie cited the article as some sort of proof that there are: “neo-Nazi groups operating, not in … Continue reading

Everything You Know About Ukraine Is WRONG

Obviously not true for everyone. But it is amazing how many people take up a strong, emotional stance on the war in Ukraine despite being completely ignorant about what has been happening there. This short video does a great job … Continue reading