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Science and social media in new Zealand

How is New Zealand science dealing with social media? The latest report* from NZ’s Science Media Centre answers that question (see Social Media Snapshot – how are our research institutions using Twitter, Facebook etc.). It concludes that “science and social media make … Continue reading

New Zealand science book prize – 2015 Short list

The Royal Society of NZ has announced the shortlist of titles for 2015 Science Book Prize (see 2015 Royal Society of New Zealand Science Book Prize). Here they are – together with the judges comments: Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History by Atholl … Continue reading

Standing up to junk science in New Zealand

Last week we saw several local victories for science over pseudoscience. And the US mid-term elections also gave electoral victories supporting community water fluoridation in 5 out of 6 communities where it was voted on.* Peter Griffin from New Zealand’s Science … Continue reading

New science blogs in New Zealand

This last week has seen the entry of three new science bloggers onto the New Zealand scene. Or more specifically the SciBlogs NZ scene. Southern Genes is the blog of Genetics Otago. It has members, and hence contributors, from University … Continue reading

Science on New Zealand TV

Maori Television has been very successful. As well as the coverage of Maori issues many viewers have been pleased at their programming of quality foreign films. I came across another gem of theirs recently: 411 – a locally produced programme … Continue reading

Science communication in New Zealand

Here’s an interesting discussion from TVNZ’s Media7 programme (see video below). A discussion on the problems and issues with science communication in New Zealand. Russel Brown discusses this with the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, the … Continue reading

New Zealand popular science books

Last December The Royal Society of New Zealand, our national science academy, established a prize for popular science books. The first winner will be announced by Richard Dawkins in a live  video link at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival … Continue reading

Is New Zealand ripe for science blogging?

Yes. I say this because of the science funding reforms of the 1990s – particularly as they effected the Crown Research Institutes. For better or worse (and it was both better and worse) the change in science funding forced scientists … Continue reading

Science blogging in New Zealand

Science communication, specifically science blogging, is the topic of an international conference in London later this month*. I wonder how many New Zealanders will attend. I hope some do as science communication is a real problem in New Zealand. There … Continue reading

Opponents of fluoridation all at sea with new legislation

Opponents of community water fluoridation (CWF) should be supporting the proposed fluoridation legislation instead of organising opposition to it. Think about it. If Fluoride Free NZ (FFNZ) was honest in its claim that they are “New Zealand’s leading advocate for … Continue reading