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Superstition – inevitable?

There are some great photographs at The Big Picture ( of launches to, and activities on, the International Space Station (ISS). Have a look at Journeys to the International Space Station. I quite like this one because of the strange … Continue reading

From superstition to religion

  The origins of religion are not often discussed. There almost seems to be a taboo against investigation of its origins and development. Daniel Dennett suggested in his book Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon that this may … Continue reading

Sceptical arrogance and evolutionary psychology

“We should be skeptical of all points of view, including those of the skeptics.”* I came across the quote above in Michael Shermer’s article remembering Paul Kurtz, one of the founders of the modern US skeptical movement (see “Paul Kurtz … Continue reading

What did Galileo ever do to you?

I ask this because some of those who write about Galileo on the internet seem to have a  real grudge against the guy. A personal grudge – judging from the emotion in their writing. Now I am not saying Galileo … Continue reading

Great science talks in Auckland

There’s some great talks coming up in the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival involving science writers. Unfortunately they are selling out quick – so if you are interested I recommend booking right away. Here are the details: A UNIVERSE FROM … Continue reading

Some things for the kids

Well actually for their parents and grandparents. Especially with Christmas on the horizon. Right where you are now Right Here You Are Now is a bedtime story for kids. It’s also scientifically accurate, so it’s more than just a bedtime … Continue reading

Does science lead to secularism?

Some writings on the science/religion relationship are important and interesting. But we have to sieve through such a lot of rubbish to find the gems. I guess its one area where most people have their own agenda and can’t keep … Continue reading

Confronting accomodationism

Or is it accommodating confrontationism? I guess it depends on the image you wish to portray. I have followed the accomodationism vs confrontationism (or “new atheism,” or “gnus”) debate among US atheist and science bloggers with interest. Mainly because I … Continue reading

Making sense of Ring gate?

Here is some sense on the Ring Gate  – the controversial interview of Ken Ring on Campbell live about prediction of earthquakes. Radio Wammo presented this interview with media commentator Russell Brown. He makes some important points It does raise … Continue reading

The scientific study of religion

Book Review: The Fracture Of An Illusion: Science And The Dissolution Of Religion by Pascal Boyer, Editors Thomas M. Schmidt and Mi­chael G. Parker Price: € 39.90 EUR [D]; US$58.00; NZ$109.00. Paperback: 112 pages Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht (July 21, … Continue reading