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Appropriate thanks

With the US Thanksgiving holiday coming up I thought it worth repeating this article from 2 years back. There are many religious ceremonies and prayers giving thanks to a god. I often think these are rude on two grounds: I … Continue reading

Thanking those who deserve thanks

This is an article from last year but worth repeating with the US Thanksgiving holiday coming up. There are many religious ceremonies and prayers giving thanks to a god. I often think these are rude on two grounds: I many … Continue reading


I recently attended a celebratory dinner with members of my extended family. Inevitably such gatherings include people with widely different philosophical religious beliefs. That’s just a fact of our democratic, pluralist and secular society today. I know this particular gathering … Continue reading

Giving thanks

I have written before about the hypocrisy and rudeness of religious ceremonies of thanks (see “Let us pray . . . “ and Thank God or Thank Goodness?). Hypocrisy because these ceremonies and prayers are often imposed on people who … Continue reading

When scientists get political: Lead fluoride-IQ researcher launches emotional attack on her scientific critics

It seems impossible to keep politics out of science. It’s a pity because politics can end up forcing science to produce the results desired by politicians. When this happens the ideal aim of science – the pursuit of objective knowledge … Continue reading

Magical World Cup Gala Concert

I have attended several concerts in public squares during European summers and always enjoyed them. Great atmosphere. But thanks to international broadcasting and modern smartphones I woke up this morning to this concert and it was magical. Red square on the … Continue reading

Mary Byrne’s criticism is misplaced and avoids the real issues

Image credit: BuildGreatMinds.Com First, thanks to Mary Byrne and FFNZ for this response (see Anti-fluoride group coordinator responds to my article). Hopefully, this will help encourage some good faith scientific discussion of the issues involved in my original article (Paul … Continue reading

Anti-fluoridationists commonly misrepresent Ministry of Health data

Anti-fluoride activists tell porkies about the Ministry of Health’s data on child dental health. They cherry-pick the data to make it appear that community water fluoridation is ineffective. And when challenged to discuss the issue they run away. I am … Continue reading

What do Syrians think of the new cessation of hostilities agreement?

Cautious optimism seems to be a common international response to the cessation of hostilities deal announced for Syria by John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov yesterday. But what do Syrians think? RT’s correspondent Lizzie Phelan did some live recording of the views … Continue reading

The insult of low expectations

Th above Today’s Jesus and Mo strip underlines a problem we have the “politically correct” charges of “Islamophobia.” it’s just a way to prevent rational discussion and it is insulting to Muslims because it demands lower expectations than for the rest of … Continue reading