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Select your conspiracy theory and connect the dots

I have never liked conspiracy theories.  The fact they are generally ideologically driven and not evidence-based simply turns me off and does nothing to encourage me to pursue the claims. On the other hand, one must admit the truth of … Continue reading

Fluoridation: Misrepresenting the “saliva theory”

I sometimes wonder if anti-fluoridation propagandists are trying to extend their “freedom of choice” argument to the scientific facts themselves. Perhaps this is how they justify to themselves their frequent cherry-picking and misrepresentation of research. A current example is Fluoride Free … Continue reading

Where do teeth come from? The stork theory

Seems some prominent campaigners against fluoridation must advocate the stork theory, or something similar, to explain where  teeth come from. Apparently they do not understand that teeth develop in the jaw before eruption. Here’s a Twitter message from the “Girl … Continue reading

Fluoride and the 5 easy steps of a conspiracy theory

This brief article by Emily Willingham in Forbes shows how  the internet has been a real blessing to conspiracy theorists – especially those who are attacking scientific consensus. In Hyping Your Conspiracy Theory In 5 Easy Steps. She  is using the anti-vaccination movement as … Continue reading

Testing the God theory

I enjoyed this video. It is a full lecture but well worth watching – especially if you are interested in the science-religion debates. Sean Carroll presents these cosmological arguments well – and his analysis is far more up to date … Continue reading

Cultural effect of The Big Bang Theory

I have often thought that we just don’t get enough science in our popular culture. Perhaps people would understand and be more supportive of science, for example, if we had a regular TV soap opera based around the life and … Continue reading

Recognising good science bloggers and Big Blog Theory winners

Back in June I mentioned A competition for Aussie science blogs. Well results are now in and you can see the winners at Australia’s best science blogger revealed!. The winner of the blog category is Save Your Breath for Running … Continue reading

Car pool, string theory and human genetic history

I have been enjoying a weekly internet TV show produced by Robert Llewellyn, the actor who portrays Kryten 2X4B-523P in the popular TV series Red Dwarf. Its called Car Pool. And the idea behind it is novel and very successful. … Continue reading

The Big Bang Theory and sexism?

Of course, I mean the sit-com – not the cosmological theory. It’s a favourite of mine. We have almost reached the end of series 2 in New Zealand and I have watched every episode. The production has general been reviewed … Continue reading

A critique of the ‘Theory of Childhood’

This has been doing the rounds of the discussion forums and is really worthy of much more exposure. Original at A recapitulation of criticism against the theory of childhood: