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  1. What about MandM and Say Hello to My Little Friend? You know, your Christian pals? The ones you love debating.


  2. Richard P, as is probably clear I don’t bother with a blogroll or sidebar blog links. And I don’t maintain this list.

    My philosophy is that bloggers who comment here get ample acknowledgement and their blog is linked via each of their comments. They even have a the opportunity for an avatar.

    Thanks for your interest. Do you have a blog?


  3. Nah, I don’t really have anything to say!


  4. I have noticed that.


  5. Reckon you will ever publicly debate Glenn, Matt or Maddy?


  6. Richard P, several years ago Madeleine suggested a public discussion with Matt and Glenn on one side and me and someone else on the other.

    I was happy to participate and said so to Madeleine. She had the idea because Glenn was visiting Auckland and she liked the idea of a non-confrontational discussion.

    Unfortunately it seemed that Glenn and Matt were not able to go ahead with this. maybe lack of time?

    Personally I think “debates” which are meant to be confrontation, more a sport, with people “winning” and “losing” are counter productive. But moderated and fair discussions really seem to work well.

    I happy to participate in such a discussion if the idea ever gets traction again.

    Mind you – they are always welcome to participate in the discussions here. I don’t delete, censor or otherwise prevent genuine comments.


  7. Richard Christie

    I don’t delete, censor or otherwise prevent genuine comments

    The same can’t be said of Glenn.


  8. No, Glenn behaves irrationally – has an anger problem. However, to date I have not experienced censorship on Matt’s blog.


  9. Debates can become a bit of a sport with the side who can please the audience usually winning-often just by being better public speakers than having more powerful arguments. I agree with you here. Ever watched a debate with Dinesh De Souza?

    Have you ever meet Glenno? He seems to be a bit odd and it would not surprise me if he did have some anger issues.


  10. No, only on line.


  11. Me too. I should head down to Dunedin sometime to catch up with him and give him a bit of a talking to over his anti-abortion stance.


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