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Responding to Tracey Brown on fluoridation

I appreciate Tracey Brown, Director of Sense About Science, taking the time to respond to some of the comments in my article The ugly truth about critics of “the ugly truth” in science (see “The ugly truth” – Tracey Brown ticks me off). Despite apparent differences I … Continue reading

Fluoridation: Hangout with the University of Waikato

The referenda defeat suffered by the Fluoride Free groups campaigning against community water fluoridation does not mean this issue has now been settled. The activist groups insist they will continue their campaign. Hamilton is still a prime target for them. … Continue reading

Wonders of Life coming – we hope

Readers of the New Zealand Listener will probably have read the recent interview with Professor Brian Cox (see Interview: Brian Cox). It’s good to see such interviews down in this part of the world – just hope we get to … Continue reading

The scientific method – what about the philosophical method?

I enjoy the In Our Time Podcasts with Melvyn Bragg. The subjects are very wide-ranging and always informative. His last one was on The Scientific Method. It basically discusses the evolution of scientific methods from a philosophical viewpoint. The participants … Continue reading

Dawkins responds to a stalker – Craig gets his debate

Last year when I was at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne there was a motley little crew of creationists (3 I think) outside heckling people and demanding that Richard Dawkins debate evolution with them. Just one example of people … Continue reading

Making life from the primordial soup

This looks like a great lecture coming up next week. At least for residents of Rotorua, Palmerston North and Christchurch. It’s the 2011 Rutherford Lecture: How to Make Life from the Primordial Soup. Why RNA is the key ingredient to … Continue reading

Confronting accomodationism

Or is it accommodating confrontationism? I guess it depends on the image you wish to portray. I have followed the accomodationism vs confrontationism (or “new atheism,” or “gnus”) debate among US atheist and science bloggers with interest. Mainly because I … Continue reading

A hymn for Darwin Day

This little hymn brings back memories and seems quite appropriate with Darwin Day (February 12) coming up. I remember very little from my Sunday school education. But three memories I have from the Salvation army Sunday School I attended are: … Continue reading

Celebrating Alan Turing’s life and achievements

This is something to look forward to –  THE ALAN TURING YEAR. June 23, 2012, is the Centenary of Alan Turing’s birth in London. During his relatively brief life, Turing made a unique impact on the history of computing, computer … Continue reading

The Dawkins Delusions

Actually, some people call them the “Dawkins Tantrums.” There’s no doubt about it though – there is a controversy around Richard Dawkins. Just mention his name in the blogosphere and you get all sorts of extreme reactions. Almost always negative. … Continue reading