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Richard Dawkins – wrong again!

And once again, he admits his mistake and apologises! Have a look at  ‘An Apology’ by Richard Dawkins. I admire people who can acknowledge their mistakes. People who won’t, but will go through all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins in Auckland – update

I reported recently that Richard Dawkins will speak in Auckland next March. Looks like there has been an overwhelming demand for tickets. To accommodate everyone the organisers have  now arranged a live screening of Richard Dawkins’ only Auckland appearance in … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins in Auckland next March

This guy leads an extremely busy life. I know he is promoting his recently published books The Greatest Show on Earth and consequently gets into book tours. But his publishers certainly work him hard. Next March (Wednesday 10th) he is … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins in Wellington next March

Auckland got Richard Dawkins by video this year when he announced the winner of the inaugural Royal Society NZ science Book of the Year award. Next March Wellington will get him in person. Dawkins will be speaking during the Writers … Continue reading

Dawkins bashing season upon us?

Prepare yourself for another round of Dawkins-bashing. That’s not to imply there isn’t plenty of that already. And it does get pretty farcical. A commenter on a local apologetics blog recently claimed Dawkins “must be hopping mad and upset because … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins in Auckland

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday, Richard Dawkins participated by video at the  Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. He also announced the award of the inaugural Royal Society of NZ Science Book of the Year award. It went to The Awa book … Continue reading

Dawkins on the Big Screen

I had mentioned Richard Dawkins will be announcing the winner of the Royal Society prize for popular science books  in a live  video link at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. (See New Zealand popular science books). I hadn’t realised … Continue reading

Dawkins to appear at Auckland Writers & Readers Festival lineup

Well, by video link anyway (see Scoop: Auckland Writers & Readers Festival lineup). “The BBC’s special correspondent from Karachi and novelist Mohammed Hanif (A Case of Exploding Mangoes was longlisted for the 2008 Man Booker Prize) will be on the … Continue reading

Climbing into Dawkins’ boots

Richard Dawkins recently retired as the Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of science at Oxford University. The university has now announced the appointment of Professor Marcus du Sautoy to this chair. Marcus du Sautoy has a good track … Continue reading

Dawkins’ prayer for his daughter

There has been a fair amount of discussion here about beliefs. Specifically about the nature of scientific knowledge, how that is justified and whether ‘inferences’ such as intelligent design and creationism can be considered scientific. Richard Dawkins wrote about the … Continue reading