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The victim mentality of conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theorists seem to see conspiracies in even the most innocent things.  Then again, politically motivated activists will invent conspiracies if they think this will present them as a victim. This appears to be happening around Bob Carter, one of … Continue reading

Friday follies – what happened to the “official AGW hypothesis?”

Now that the potty Peer, Christopher Monckton, is packing his bag to depart our shores, the band of climate change deniers/contrarians/pseudosceptics who micro-managed his “Freedom Tour” might be looking around for a new project. Richard Treadgold, whose blog Climate Conversation … Continue reading

Potty Peer in Waikato

Well, Christopher Monckton’s “Freedom Tour” totters on. Peter Griffins has given an initial summary in his blog post Monckton’s nightmare week in New Zealand. This has links to some of the press coverage – which, as we might expect with … Continue reading

April Fools and Agenda 21

A few readers may already be aware that April Fool’s Day marks the launch of Christopher Monckton‘s speaking tour of New Zealand. It’s not arousing much interest in the media – probably because his declared attention is to propagate his … Continue reading

Extreme confirmation bias in action

How’s this for an egregious example of confirmation bias. This morning the local blog Whale oil presents this graphic to “prove” his assertions that current climate science is a “hoax’ and those who accept the science are either fools or … Continue reading

Greedy Lying Bastards

This film has a very apt title – Greedy Lying Bastards. It’s being released for theatres this week in the US. Wonder if we will get to see it here. Below is some information on its content. (By the way … Continue reading

No cause for alarm – if you cherry pick

This cartoon from The Australian (17 January 2013) seems quite topical (thanks to  No cause for alarm | Kudelka Cartoons). The issue of global warming and its possible role in the increase in numbers of fires has been debated of … Continue reading

The political alarmism behind climate change denial

They are quick to accuse scientists of alarmism but I have always maintained that those who are most actively denying climate change are the real alarmists. It’s just that their motivations are political –  and their political beliefs alarmist (see … Continue reading

Another anti-science attack on Mann fails – but the lies continue

Once again legal action by climate change deniers/contrarian/cranks has failed. In the US attempts by the  American Tradition Institute, a climate change denial think tank, to obtain personal emails and documents from  the University of Virginia. These documents belong to … Continue reading

The prejudiced journalist

The media interview is sometimes problematic for the scientist. There’s all the problems of getting one’s message across in a way that the public can appreciate and in the allotted time span provided by news bites. But one problem that … Continue reading