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¶ Religious Diversity Statement

There are concerns about the National Statement on Religious Diversity to be presented at the Asia Pacific Regional Interfaith Dialogue in Waitangi. The Destiny Church have expressed their’s, centering around their desire for New Zealand to have Christianity as a … Continue reading

Traditions and social arrangements out of step with social diversity

Image credit: “Americans Turning Away From Organized Religion in Record Numbers“ A new report from The Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life recommends changes which challenge the current traditional role and power of religion in the UK. … Continue reading

Losing trust in religious leaders

I recently reported the data from our last census showing the decline of the numbers of Christians in New Zealand, and the associated increase in people declaring they have no religion (see Census 2013 – religious diversity). It’s interesting to consider the … Continue reading

Police ignore non-religious

Whenever I read about religious diversity these days my automatic reaction is that real diversity is going to be ignored. A big part of our true religious diversity is the fact that one third of New Zealanders declare themselves as … Continue reading

Non religious in Australia and New Zealand

Here’s an interesting question? New Zealanders and Australians have a lot in common. We think of ourselves as sibling nations. We often tell jokes about each other (I must say, however, that Australian jokes about Kiwis usually involve sheep and … Continue reading

Freedom of expression and offence – religious or otherwise

In New Zealand we seem to have few overt problems with offence to religious sensitivities. There have been issues like the “Virgin in a condom” and the South Park Episode. Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church occasionally bursts into activity on issues … Continue reading

Human rights for the non-religious

Matt Cherry, at the Institute for Humanist studies, has been commenting on the 2007 annual report by the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Religion or Belief. For the first time this report includes a section devoted to the … Continue reading

Do religious leaders believe their religion?

Daniel Dennett, in his book Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon relates how he interviewed groups of religious people while preparing to make a scientific study of religion. Often, when interviewing a group from the same church, he … Continue reading

♦ A national anthem recognising diversity?

Recent discussion of religious diversity in New Zealand has ignored the question of a our national anthem “God Defend New Zealand”. If the parliamentary (Christian) prayer is an issue surely the anthem is! The following article from the New York … Continue reading

¶ Trends in religious belief in New Zealand

The results of the 2006 census were of concern to some New Zealand Christians because they showed that their religion (with 51% share) was barely holding on to their previous majority of adherents. Of even more concern was the trend … Continue reading