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Richard Dawkins in Auckland

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday, Richard Dawkins participated by video at the  Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. He also announced the award of the inaugural Royal Society of NZ Science Book of the Year award. It went to The Awa book … Continue reading

Lawrence Krauss – Richard Dawkins discussion

Richard Dawkins seems to be promoting a new form of public discussion with minimum moderation. This gets away from the adversary type of public debate which often provides more heat than light. At the same time it can allow for … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins in Inverness

I have just watched “Science and the God Delusion: A conversation with Richard Dawkins.” This shows Dawkins at his best (despite problems with his voice) working for the public understanding of science. I highly recommend it. The presentation is an … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins and the enemies of reason

“Richard Dawkins’s book The God Delusion sold a million copies. In a new and hilarious onslaught he pits hard science against astrology, tarot, psychics, homeopathy and other ‘gullibiligy.’” This is how Richard Dawkins’ new two-part TV series was introduced in … Continue reading

Dawkins’ new book

Richard Dawkins’ latest book is due out next September. The title – Childhood, Boyhood, Truth: From an African Youth to The Selfish Gene It’s yet a new genre for Dawkins – autobiography. Mind you he has reached the age where … Continue reading

Dawkins responds to a stalker – Craig gets his debate

Last year when I was at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne there was a motley little crew of creationists (3 I think) outside heckling people and demanding that Richard Dawkins debate evolution with them. Just one example of people … Continue reading

Dawkins answers questions

This is good value. Richard Dawkins briefly responds to a range of questions. The first question asks for his views of Sam Harris’s ideas on morality and science. He thinks Sam might be on to something and gives a clear … Continue reading

The Dawkins Delusions

Actually, some people call them the “Dawkins Tantrums.” There’s no doubt about it though – there is a controversy around Richard Dawkins. Just mention his name in the blogosphere and you get all sorts of extreme reactions. Almost always negative. … Continue reading

Dawkins bashing season upon us?

Prepare yourself for another round of Dawkins-bashing. That’s not to imply there isn’t plenty of that already. And it does get pretty farcical. A commenter on a local apologetics blog recently claimed Dawkins “must be hopping mad and upset because … Continue reading

Dawkins on the Big Screen

I had mentioned Richard Dawkins will be announcing the winner of the Royal Society prize for popular science books  in a live  video link at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. (See New Zealand popular science books). I hadn’t realised … Continue reading