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Lying to children

I recently criticised some creationists for misrepresenting scientific knowledge and lying about evolutionary science to children (see “Biblically correct” child abuse?). This upset a few commenters. I know people have all sorts of issues over the term “child abuse” but … Continue reading

Religion and children

Richard Dawkins called imposition of religion on a child a form of child abuse. He says there is no such thing as a “Christian child” or a “Muslim child” – rather they are children of Christian or Muslim parents. If … Continue reading

Christian co-option of karakia

In my post, European and Māori major non-believers in NZ, I posed the question: “I wonder if these non-religious Māori feel as offended as I do when a Christian prayer, disguised as a karakia, is imposed on them?” So, I was pleased to get … Continue reading

Ingested fluoride, dental health and old age

When we who are chronologically challenged get together we often discuss health – and sometimes compare notes.  But, strangely, I have never heard people discuss their dental health. Don’t know why, but I started to wonder if I was the … Continue reading

Education should never validate ignorance

Quite a concise and clear argument from Lawrence Krauss on the silly idea of giving equal time to creationism in a science classes (a big problem in his country – the USA). As he points out – the role of … Continue reading

The arrogance of supernatural privilege

I’ve often criticised the arrogance of some of those with a supernatural ideology. Their claims of special access to the “Truth,” to morality, etc. But I get especially angry when this arrogance rides roughshod over the most innocent and vulnerable … Continue reading

Popes cunning straw mannery?

One would have thought Pope Bennie would be on his best behaviour during his visit to the UK. After all, it’s not exactly as if the people are keen on squandering such money on an unnecessary “state” visit. Nor is … Continue reading

That ‘no’ vote

Media reporting around the “child discipline” referendum has been atrocious. However,  the NZ Herald yesterday did provide some interesting information. They brought to our attention the fact that some of the groups campaigning for the referendum have been receiving funds … Continue reading

“Smacking not an offence”

I was interested to read the recent (July 10) NZ Police review relating to the operation of the 2007 amendment of the Crimes Act (see 4th review of police activity since enactment of the Crimes (substituted section 59) Amendment Act … Continue reading

Different ways of knowing?

Jump to Comments In discussions with  religious apologists we often hear the claim that “there are different ways of knowing!” This is often used as a counter to science. It amounts to claiming knowledge which is not based on evidence … Continue reading