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A scientific consensus on human morality

There has been some local discussion of the scientific approach to morality. Unfortunately some of this has concentrated on only one source (a TED talk by Sam Harris – see Can science answer moral questions?). I believe Sam makes some … Continue reading

Human Morality III: Moral intuition

This is the third in a series of four posts on morality. They are aimed at countering the usual religious claims for a god-given morality with current scientific understanding of how the morality of our species arose. Also, they at … Continue reading

Religious education should include secular humanism

The New Zealand discussion around the issue of religious eduction in school curricula suffers from the usual problem – exclusion of the non-religious life stances. The situation appears better in the UK where secular beliefs appear to be included by … Continue reading

“Let There Be Brights”

Guest post by Des Vize (From New Zealand Brights Local Constituency) This was the title of an essay by Richard Dawkins in which he announced: “I am a bright. You are (quite probably) a bright. Most of the people I … Continue reading

♦ Special rights for religion?

The National Statement on Religious Diversity can be interpreted as providing special rights for the religious, over and above those of the non-religious. This is in fact implied in rights to safety (clause 3), recognition and accommodation of practices in … Continue reading

Fluoridation: Open letter to Democrats for Social Credit

The only political party in New Zealand campaigning against community water fluoridation is the Democrats for Social Credit. It is a minor party, nor represented in Parliament and of little influence. However, it does have connections with Fluoride Free NZ, the main … Continue reading

Trump didn’t invent the problems – and his opponents didn’t invent protest

At last, I find myself agreeing with something written by PZ Myers – well, sort of. I agree with the main message in his article about the current US political mess  – It is disturbing that the news is all Russia … Continue reading

‫Tha Amnesty report – and a response from Syria

Amnesty International has just produced a report on mass executions in a Syrian prison. It has received a lot of publicity and can be downloaded from Human slaughterhouse: Mass hangings and extermination at Saydnaya prison, Syria. The trouble with reports like … Continue reading

Sources our mainstream media uses to promote their narrative about Syria

No, I haven’t gone to the dark side. But I do find this video interesting. The interviewer is Bilal Abdul Kareem who claims to be from On the Ground News. He is one of the sources used extensively by the western Mainstream … Continue reading

Fake news and the new fact-free reporting paradigm

Is it just me, or were the standards of evidence demanded of politicians better in the “old days?” Yes, I am showing my age – but we have all heard of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, haven’t we? The world almost … Continue reading