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That’s what I like to see in a young woman!

Recently, I have been debating with some of the theologically inclined the question of religious privilege in a secular society and the funding of private religious schools. Coincidentally I came across an internet post which illustrates one of the problems … Continue reading

A reminder of reality’s magic

This is really a reminder about another sciency book for the kids – especially with Christmas coming up. Back in May I posted on a new book by Richard Dawkins (see The Magic of Reality for young people). I am posting … Continue reading

Some book ideas

That time of the year is upon us. The time when we start considering what books to buy – whether as presents for friend and family, or for our own amusement or education during the holiday break. So I thought … Continue reading

NZ blog ranks – August ’09

Just to be different, I am providing a different type of ranking this month. After all NZ bloggers already have those provided by Tumeke and Half Done. Rather than an overall rank the table below ranks NZ blogs according to … Continue reading