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Can religion answer the questions science can’t?

Over the Solstice/New Year holiday while blogging activity is low I am reposting some of my previous articles. Comments are still welcome. In the religion/atheism debate Christians often assert that they accept a scientific view of the world and the … Continue reading

Atheism and religious diversity III: Conflict between science and religion

The previous articles in this series discussed the attitudes towards religious diversity in New Zealand, a personal perspective of what atheism means and why it should not be separated from other beliefs when human rights are considered. This article deals … Continue reading

Limits of science, limits of religion

Are there limits to the use of the scientific method? Are there questions science cannot investigate? Should some questions be left to religion? Do science and religion have different non-overlapping domains? Does there need to be a conflict between science … Continue reading

Humility of science and the arrogance of religion

The science/relgion debate has exposed a disturbing tendency by some religious people to reject science. Not only scientific theories, such as evolution and the origins of the universe, but also the scientific method itself. Such people will often argue for … Continue reading

Intelligent design/creationism IV: The religion – science conflict

Previous posts in this series covered the nature of scientific knowledge , the issue of scientific credibility and the religious agenda of intelligent design (ID). This final one deals with the religion/science conflict inherent in ID. Modern science doesn’t encompass … Continue reading

Debating science and religion

Scientific American recently published a discussion between Richard Dawkins and Lawrence M. Krauss. This dealt with aspects of science and religion and how science should deal with religious questions. I commented on an abridged version of this discussion in Can … Continue reading

I don’t “believe” in science – and neither should you

I cringe every time I read an advocate of science asserting they “believe in science.” Yes, I know they may be responding to an assertion made by supporters of religion or pseudoscience. But “belief” is the wrong word because it … Continue reading

Science and faith

I am spending some time dealing with family business so I am reposting some of my past book reviews over the next few days. These could be useful with Christmas coming up. Victor Stenger has a very useful series of … Continue reading

‘The Unbelievers’ and science

The World Premiere of  the film “The Unbelievers” took place on Monday in Toronto. The YouTube site for the film’s trailer describes it this way: “‘The Unbelievers’ follows renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss across the globe as they … Continue reading

Does religion blur understanding of evolution?

Victor Stenger has a short, but important, blog post in the Huffington Post. Appropriately (because it’s about evolutionary science) dated February 12 – Darwin Day, 204th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Stenger’s article, No Belief Gap, considers Gallup Poll data … Continue reading