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Are they sceptics or deniers?

The recent escalation of controversy around the issue of climate change and the Copenhagen meetings has sparked another controversy. Are those people who argue against the scientific consensus that human activity most probably contributes to the observed global warming sceptics … Continue reading

Climate change deniers live in glass buildings

There seems to be a big mobilisation of climate change deniers at the moment. Someone on Twitter described selective use of stolen emails, “Climategate”, as pre-Copenhagen smears. They added a quote from Churchill which I think is very apt: “A … Continue reading

Denial not acceptable

Concern is building about the future of climate change policies in New Zealand. This is because of the confidence and supply agreement between the National Party and the small extremist Act Party which provides for a select committee to consider … Continue reading

The global warming conspiracy?

The hacked emails from the East Anglia Climate Centre in the UK have not been a big issue in New Zealand. At least for most people and for most news media. There are, of course, ideological motivated people who wish … Continue reading

“Real” experts’ on climate change? Really?

The Heartland Institute has produced a new propaganda poster on climate change. Here it is: And this is what they say about it: This poster presents clear and undeniable evidence that the debate is not over. Looking out from this poster … Continue reading

The Mind of the Science Denier

Over recent months I have been following, and learning more about, the issues of fluoridation and the Ukrainian civil war. One is a scientific issue (at least in most of the debate), the other political. Yet in the social media … Continue reading

Fluoride debate: Response to Paul’s 6th article.

This is Ken Perrott’s response to Paul Connett’s last article Fluoridation debate: Against Fluoridation Thread. Part 6. For Paul Connett’s original article see – Fluoride debate Part 1: Connett. Discussion in comments section: The quality of the discussion in the … Continue reading

Poisoning the well with a caricature of science

Spoiler alert – if you haven’t seen this video before have a look at it before reading on.

A global warming hoax meme is born – in New Zealand too!

I have said it before – these militant climate change denial/contrarian/pseudosceptics do live in a different world – or at least a different hemisphere (see Australia’s “New Normal?” and Climate contrarians/deniers are cherry picking again). But here I want to illustrate their … Continue reading

Entertaining – and the science is good

I am spending some time dealing with family business so am reposting some of my past book reviews over the next few day. I reviewed this book recently, but its worth repeating. It’s fictional, but it’s about an important issue … Continue reading