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Sneaking in the magic man

I have been debating Plantinga’s claims of guided evolution with a couple of religious apologists lately. His ideas really are just another attempt to sneak his god, his “magic man,” into evolutionary science. Even to assert guidance is inherent in … Continue reading

The most important place you didn’t know about

Book review: Ice, Mice and Men: The Issues Facing Our Far South by Geoff Simmons & Gareth Morgan Price: NZ$35; Epub/Mobi NZ$15. ISBN: 9780987666628 Barcode: 9780987666628 Published: 12 July 2012 by Public Interest Publishing Ltd Antarctica brings to mind nature … Continue reading

Finish the sentence . . .

I like this idea from Jerry Coyne (see OMG: Jesus was married!) Here’s the problem. This old scrap of papyrus refers to Jesus – Unfortunately bits are missing and the conversation is cut off at an intriguing point. Apparently it … Continue reading

People saying stupid things on the Internet

I saw this young Muslim women on the TV news last night. She was demonstrating against the US over that silly video. The interview asked her _”but don’t you believe in freedom of expression. Her answer – “Yes, but not … Continue reading

High Court ruled on integrity – not science

There is a lot of local internet debate about the High Court decision on the Judicial Review of NIWA’s New Zealand temperature record. Some of it is poorly informed as it assumes that the Judge ruled on the correctness of … Continue reading

Kiwi science fiction with a message

Book Review: The Aviator (The Burning World)  by Gareth Renowden Price US$4.99 (Kindle); NZ$6.00 (Epub).* File Size: 641 KB Print Length: 341 pages Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited Publisher: Limestone Hills Ltd (August 14, 2012) Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Language: English … Continue reading

Therapeutic ranting

Book review: The Atheist Camel Rants Again!: more arguments and observations from the atheist front by Bart Centre. Price: US$10.71; NZ$20.60 Paperback: 326 pages Publisher: CreateSpace (May 25, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 1460933915 ISBN-13: 978-1460933916 Personal passion does wonders for … Continue reading

Cost of scientific research – and political naivity

I ended up immersed in the internet activity around the CERN physics seminar on the Higg’s boson last night. It was an unprecedented phenomenon. However, amidst all the fascination, celebration and humour at the (possible) confirmation of the Higg’s particle … Continue reading

The chickens are hatching

It’s good to see some of the mischief perpetrated by climate change deniers put to rest. In the last few days we have heard the Virginia Supreme Court in the US has ruled that the State’s Attorney General, Kenneth Cuccinelli, … Continue reading

Flying pigs

Perhaps we need a bit of humour in the “climate wars” at the moment. The blog “Climate Scum” may provide some. Apparently it was hacked and an apology from “The Heartlend Insitute” chair, Joseph Bust, was posted. Heartlend apologizes for … Continue reading