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Spreading doubt on climate change

It’s interesting how we keep getting little snippets of ‘news’ circulating the internet that cast doubt on the scientific consensus around the likely anthropogenic contribution to climate change. They will often quote new scientific findings or statements from scientists or … Continue reading

Religious labels

I have just discovered that I am a Presbyterian. I used to think I was Anglican. However, I do know that my beliefs are atheist. This  confusion comes from the way religious labels are used. Ten years ago I visited … Continue reading

Do you believe in God?

Apparently most people (54%) in the world don’t. That’s if you believe the results coming out of the online poll at Yes, I know. Polls are inherently unreliable and on-line polls even more so. Still the results are interesting. … Continue reading

Secular twins

Occasionally we get religious leaders here claiming that New Zealand is a “Christian nation.” Some even want to enshrine this claim in law and will organise demonstrations demanding this (see Destiny of Christian privilege?). These people blithely ignore the fact … Continue reading

Non religious in Australia and New Zealand

Here’s an interesting question? New Zealanders and Australians have a lot in common. We think of ourselves as sibling nations. We often tell jokes about each other (I must say, however, that Australian jokes about Kiwis usually involve sheep and … Continue reading

Atheism and religious diversity I: Diversity in New Zealand

This is the first of a four part series. The complete series was originally published as one article in the AEN Journal special issue on Faith and Ethnic Communities and will also be published in Open Society, the journal of … Continue reading

God’s not as popular as we thought

In the 2006 Census 51% of New Zealanders described themselves as Christian. A total of 3.8% described themselves as Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim (the next three largest religions) and 32% declared no religion. It’s interesting to compare census results back … Continue reading

New Zealand supports evolution

Last August UMR Research conducted a survey of New Zealanders’ attitudes to evolution and belief in a god. Their findings showed an overwhelming support for evolution. They also show that slightly more believers in a god support evolution than support … Continue reading

♦ Dalai Lama visit

Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama is currently visiting New Zealand. Despite little promotion his public talks attract large attendances. Last Sunday he spoke to a meeting of 10,000 people in Auckland (see Compassion before Destruction for Dalai Lama, NZ … Continue reading

♦ Christian prayer problems

There are simple solutions to the problem of the use of Christian prayers in our Parliament. They will require Christians to show genuine humility and respect for those with other beliefs. Unfortunately, this is not yet evident in the statements … Continue reading