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Subscription & email updates

here are two convenient ways of keeping in touch with entries on this blog – email updates and RSS subscriptions.

Email updates

Email updates of the latest posts are sent out daily (depending on posting frequency. These usually contain the full text and links. The service is provided by Feedburner, your email address is not identified and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribe to email updates via this link:  Subscribe by Email

RSS feed

If you are familiar with RSS feeds and News Readers you can follow Open Parachute posts via an RSS feed. Simply add it to your news reader and you will get notification of every post. Want to find out more about news readers? Have a look at Google Reader or Bloglines.

These buttons enable subscroption via google:

Add to Google

or a range of other news aggregators:

AddThis Feed Button

Other subscriptions

You can also subscribe to comment on Open Parachute and to RSS feeds or emails updates for posts on specific subjects – at this stage New Zealand blog rankings and comments. Use the links below

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