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British volunteer soldier in Ukraine speaks up

I posted a video of UK soldier Aiden Aslin’s the testimony my article British volunteer soldier in Ukraine tells his story

Unfortunately, YouTube censored that video and it is no longer available. A pity as I found his story interesting. The guy is articulate. What he says makes sense and his experience is important.

Aslin was fighting with Ukrainian forces in Mariupol and surrendered to the armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), one of Russia’s allies in this war. He is now a prisoner of war in the DPR.

I was surprised today to see he has sufficient freedom to start a YouTube channel. Only two posts so fact – and they are very brief. But he appears healthy, has put on weight, and remains articulate. He welcomes questions and appears to have the freedom to operate an email account.

Definitely, a YouTube channel to keep an eye on. Check it out at Aiden Aslin