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Allan Wilson: Evolutionary

Good news about the documentary “Allan Wilson: Evolutionary”. Theatre screenings appear to have been limited and there is no indication yet of TVNZ screening it. However, for anyone interested in getting their own copy the DVD can be purchased from George Andrews Productions

The purchase price is $50 for personal use, $75 plus GST for secondary and commercial libraries, $125 plus GST for tertiary libraries. Plus $5.00 P&P in all cases. Purchases can be made on-line.

Come on Focus on the Family. You seem to have a budget for providing educational materials to schools. Why not purchase some of these DVDs and send them on. I think they will be of much more value to the education of our children than the last DVD (The Priveliged Planet) you provided.

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Send this DVD to our schools

Here’s an idea for Focus on the Family’s next project to encourage discussion of science in New Zealand’s schools. Why not send a copy of the DVD Allan Wilson: Evolutionary to the 400 schools they sent their last project to for inclusion in science classes? Well, I know why not. Their previous project (The Privileged Planet DVD and accompanying workbook) was aimed at promoting creationism, not science (see Culture wars come to New Zealand).

However, Allan Wilson: Evolutionary would not only encourage New Zealand kids to become familiar with and discuss a fascinating area of evolutionary science. It would also encourage national pride because Wilson was a New Zealander (see About Allan Wilson). Who knows – it might even encourage kids to seriously contemplate a future in science. This would do a lot to improve the attitude of, and prospects for, our children – something Focus on the Family claims to be concerned about.

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