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Demolishing the icons of intelligent design

Alison at BioBlog has been working through Jonathan Wells’ “10 questions to ask your biology teacher.” Wells is a Senior Fellow at Center for Science & Culture (intelligent design ID and Wedge headquarters) and  author of Icons of Evolution: Why much of what we teach about evolution is wrong.

As Alison points out these 10 questions are aimed at sowing doubts in students’ minds about the science they are taught. But they do demonstrate Wells’ “woeful lack of understanding of some fairly basic ideas” and Alison provides a brief rejoinder to each “question”.

The links below are to Alison’s response to each question (Or all in one place: answers to wells’ questions – all in one place).

obfuscation galore!
the cambrian ‘explosion’
wells’ third ‘icon’ – homology
wells is peeved with haeckel’s embryos
another one of jonathan wells’ ‘icons’ of evolution
peppered moths – another ‘icon’?
wells again – this time, darwin’s finches
the 8th ‘question’ on wells’ little list
wells’ 9th question
so what’s that 10th question? »

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