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You have to laugh!

In the old days I used to think that only the adherents of the more established ideologies could laugh at themselves.  Communists and Catholics seemed to have skins thick enough to handle this whereas the evangelical, fundamentalists,  radical feminists, Maoists and Trotskyists couldn’t see the joke.

Nowadays I don’t know. Communists have all but disappeared. In my experience atheists will laugh along at their own expense, but I am not sure about Catholics. Things seem beyond laughing matters in their organisation.

Anyway, here’s something at laugh at for the religious, the atheist and the Catholic (?).

1: The Rev. Barbie: A creation Rev. Julie Blake Fisher, an Episcopal priest in Kent, Ohio. She comes with a complete wardrobe, etc. I am sure many relgious people will be offended just by the idea of a women being ordained – let alone the doll. See Under God: The Rev. Barbie , The Genius of the Rev. Julie Blake Fisher and Barbie gets ordained, and has the smells-and-bells wardrobe to match.

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