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NZ blog ranks – August ’09

Just to be different, I am providing a different type of ranking this month. After all NZ bloggers already have those provided by Tumeke and Half Done. Rather than an overall rank the table below ranks NZ blogs according to the RSS subscription counts. Data were recorded at the end of August. They are for Google Reader and Bloglines. Each of these were ranked separately (columns 3 and 4). And the average rank used to produce the overall rank (column 1).

Google Reader subscription counts ranged from 0 to 1160. Blogline counts from 0 – 269.

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Meanwhile – don’t forget the NZ blog ranking tool. This lists the performance of over about 90 NZ blogs based on actual sitemeter visit statistics. The data is for average visits/day over the previous 7 days. Obviously only the blogs which allow public access to the statistics are included. Data changes daily and one can watch blogs moving up and down the list on a daily basis.

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