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Singing about the periodic table

Most people here are probably familiar with Tom Lehrer‘s song – The Elements.

Well, for chemists here’s a new song about the elements – and the periodic table.

Actually, the video version – which depicts the elements in order on the periodic table may be useful as a memory tool for students.

The NEW Periodic Table Song (In Order).

Oh – there may also be a few more elements than in Lehrer’s time too.

Element 112

_45898567_a150192-periodic_table_of_elements-splA new element will soon be added to the periodic table. Today came the announcement that a team of German scientists have been credited with the discovery of element 112. This comes more than a decade after their experiments first produced a single atom of the “super-heavy” element.

“The team, led by Sigurd Hofmann at the Centre for Heavy Ion Research, must propose a name for their find, before it can be formally added to the table.

Scientists continue the race to discover more super-heavy elements.

Professor Hofmann began his quest to add to the periodic table in 1976.”

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And for fun – have a look at the announcemnt of the discovery of  the new element Administratium (Ad).


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