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Alan Turing documentary

Here’s a teaser for a film,  The Genius of Alan Turing Film, currently under production.

It will be a documentary about the life and contributions of Alan Turing. The centenary of his birth is being marked next year (see Celebrating Alan Turing’s life and achievements). I hope it gets a wide circulation because Turing really doesn’t get the attention he deserves in the public mind.

Turing Documentary

The website for the documentary describes it this way:

Alan Turing is one of the most important scientists who ever lived. He set in motion the digital revolution and his World War II code breaking helped save two million lives. Yet few people alive today have ever heard his name or know his story. A documentary film is being developed to change this. 100 years after his birth, an international production team is set to take viewers on a journey to rediscover the man and the mystery.

Alan Turing was a flamboyant Technicolor genius yet instead of accolades and respect, he faced prosecution by the British government because he was gay. In 1954, Turing committed suicide at age 41 after being forced to undergo hormone therapy to “fix” his sexual orientation. He  left behind a lasting legacy and lingering questions about what else he might have accomplished if society had embraced his unique genius instead of rejecting it.

Research and development for this feature-length drama documentary is underway; with plans to reach many millions of viewers around the world online and through broadcast and theatrical release of the film.

The international production team includes Turing’s preeminent biographer Dr. Andrew Hodges.  Funding is currently being lined up for the film, with a goal for completion in mid-2012, to coincide with the centenary of Turing’s birth.

Turing Centers

A Commons Select Committee in the UK House of Parliament is recommending commemorating Alan Turing in the naming of a network of Technology and Innovation Centres. The proposal is to call them “Turing Centres.”

Andrew Miller MP, Chair of the Committee, said:

“Alan Turing played a significant role in the creation of the modern computer. He was an accomplished mathematician who was highly influential in the development of computer science. It would be a fitting tribute to honour his contribution to the development of modern computing technology by naming the network of TICs ‘Turing Centres’.”

Thanks to Patrick Sammon, co-producer.

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