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Dementia – There’s an app for that!

Memory loss – it’s inevitable as you grow older. And as each individual experiences these day-to-day memory lapses one can’t help starting to wonder if it’s just normal ageing of the brain. Or is it more serious – the beginnings of dementia or Alzheimers.

Well apparently there is now an iPad app one can use to keep a running check. This video suggests it is very accurate – better and quicker than existing pen and paper tests. (Sorry, can’t embed the video – just follow the link. It’s only a few minutes long).

SciNewsBlog: Think you might have Dementia? There’s an app for that!.

Wonder if it’s the sort of test one can do at home – or if it requires supervision from a health professional?

Must hunt it down – I have been think of getting an iPad. This is another argument for the expense.

Not that I am worried at this stage!