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“Biblically correct” child abuse?

I really like this comment from detroitus (see What would Newton do??)

There is a prayer that I used to know as a christian. Tons of people know it but few actually comprehend it I think. “Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the thing I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.” News flash! REALITY is one of the things YOU CANNOT CHANGE!

It’s so relevant because those who attack science today are basically trying to change reality – to fit their preconceived beliefs. That’s the nature of the creationism/intelligent design argument.

That’s OK, you might say. People believe weird things. We just have to accept that as part of accepting that beautiful variation characteristic of all life – not just human life.

But the sad thing is what this does to our children. When children are denied access to science, to an understanding of reality, that is immoral. It’s a form of child abuse.

We should think of this when we hear news of creationists attempts to introduce their material into New Zealand’s school science classes (see Culture wars come to New Zealand). And what about those children who are educated in ‘faith school’? Or those home educated? What guarantee is there that they are not being denied access to a good education in science?

Have a look at this short video showing a “biblically correct” museum tour for home-schooled children in the USA (thanks detroitus for the original post). Doesn’t it make you angry?

Creationists Pollute Young Minds at Museum (9 min).

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