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NZ Blog Rankings FAQ

It’s almost time for posting the July NZ Blog Rankings. Every month after posting a get a rash of queries about the list, and requests from bloggers for inclusion. So here as list of frequently asked questions which readers can consult.
Don’t hesitate to ask if your question is not covered.

1: What is the NZ Blog Rankings?

Produced monthly, usually on the first of the month,  it is a list of NZ blogs, ranked by their activity.

2: Why bother ranking NZ blogs?

Because some people see a need for it. Here are some possible reasons for this

  • Some will just use it as a list of NZ blogs with links they can investigate.
  • Others are more interested in the blog activity.
  • NZ bloggers themselves may be interested to see where they rank, and how well other blogs with a similar agenda, or speciality, rank.
  • Some bloggers may use the list as way of advertising their blog – a list of links attracting readers

There are no doubt other reasons, but the fact that bloggers want to be included, or bloggers and readers keep referring to the list indicates it has a use. Every month I notice a surge of activity by readers checking out the blog links on the list.

3: How are blogs ranked?

Several different ranking methods have been attempted in New Zealand. For example, using the Technorati or Alexa ranking systems.  Each have their adherents and critics. In the end I concluded that ranking using actual blog statistics is probably the most useful and objective method. Blogs are ranked by visit numbers for the month, and page view numbers are also included.

4: Why are many NZ blogs not included?

The statistics used in the blog rankings are obtained automatically and need participating blogs to include a site meter to gather the data and to allow automatic access to the data. Many bloggers already do this for their own information. But not all blogs have site meters, or allow public access.

5: How do I include my blog

Just contact me using the contact form below or in About me. Let me know your blog URL and the URL for your sitemeter (this isn’t necessary if you have installed a link or widget on your blog that I can find).

I am happy to answer queries about the process but suggest that bloggers at least attempt to install a suitable site meter before proceeding.

6: What site meter should I use

That’s up to you – providing I can automatically access the data. Unfortunately, at this time the inbuilt Blogger and WordPress.com stat meters don’t allow access. Ones that do currently used by NZ bloggers include, in order of decreasing popularity):

7: How do I allow public access to my stats?

A few meters allow public access by default. Sitemeter and Statcounter need setting the access to public. It pays to read the instruction for installation.

For Statcounter:

Go to Config.>Control User Access and Public Stats.>Choose “All stats are public.

8: What about mistakes?

We all make mistakes – even with an automatic system. Contact me using the form below if you come across a mistake and I will attempt to fix it. Mistakes are most likely just after first inclusion in the ranking database.

9: Why do some blogs rank a lot lower than expected?

usually this is because the blog’s site meter has stopped recording and sometimes happens after a blogger has reformatted their blog. Eventually the numbers get really low and I check the blog. If the site meter has been removed I usually delete the blog from the list.

10: How do I exclude my blog?

I generally add NZ blogs with publicly available stats I come across. If you find you are included and you want to opt out just contact me and I will delete your blog from the database.

If you have another question or wish to include (or exclude) your blog on the ranking list  please use the contact form at About me:

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NZ blogs sitemeter ranking – January ‘10

There are about 145 NZ blogs with publicly accessible sitemeter stats on this list. Mind you I have found over 800  NZ blogs  and most of them just don’t make their statistics publicly accessible..

The blogs are listed in the table below, together with daily visits and page view numbers averaged over the previous 7 days. The data was that given by the NZ blog ranking tool on Monday January 18th.

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Have a look at that tool. Its a way of comparing your own blog’s performance from day to day –  a roller coaster ride which can be quite exciting!

Just be aware that it relies on spreadsheets at Google Docs and data is not always available. If the data is missing or incomplete, wait a while and reload the page. It will eventually show up.

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