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Hitler objects to atheist charge

I haven’t seen any of those dubbed Hitler raves lately – until last night.

And this one seems very fitting. He is reacting to the claim, made by some religious apologists, that he was an atheist.

A load of rubbish, of course, as Hitler points out.

Hitler Learns Christians Claim He Is An Atheist – YouTube.

Thanks to @akicktotheeye

Atheists not allowed to criticise Hitler!

I personally get along well with people of different religious beliefs. Most people have a “live and let live” attitude and recognise that New Zealand is a democratic pluralist society. We just get on and do our jobs – religion never seems to interfere.

preacher1However, Christian apologists seem to live in a different, intolerant, world. They seem to feel the need to continually “prove” their god exists – and to pass judgement on people who think differently to them. Any whiff of atheism is an excuse to come down hard with their judgements, criticisms and lectures. Particularly weird is their claim that they know what atheists “really believe and think” – and their insistence in telling them so.

This gets particularly silly when they tell others they have no basis for their morality. A recent local example from the “Thinking Matters” apologist group is their article Atheists Should Not Criticise Hitler. In this they claim atheists have no basis for their morality and therefore cannot criticise Hitler!

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Sources of evil?

Since September 2001 we have become more aware of how religious belief can promote evil deeds. This is not new, however. The history of evil perpetrated in the name of religion has been discussed by authors such as Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), Christopher Hitchens (God Is Not Great), Sam Harris (The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation) and Michael Jordan (In the Name of God : Violence and Destruction in the World’s Religions).

One would have to be blind to disagree with these authors. However, I think the problem of their analyses is that it is restricted to considering only religion. This doesn’t help us understand the origins of evil in secular situations or evil activity carried out by mankind in general.

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