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Something for all those lapsed catholics

I keep running into lapsed catholics. They seem to be everywhere – and usually they are nice people.

There’s something about being lapsed which gives you a sense of humour.

But I wonder how many have tried to formalise their position. After all, there are all sorts of people out there who might lay claim to your soul, or some of your assets, after your death if you don’t.

Well, don’t worry – there’s now an app for that – the Excommunication app.

And apparently it does work – I have that on good authority.

Seems to be a pretty straightforward way of settling one of those things that may have hung over you for years.

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Remove support for child abuse

This doesn’t affect me directly, being a horrible heathen, but some readers might be interested. Some might even want to take action.

The article  Absolve This: Put The Catholic Church Out Of Its Misery appeared recently. It’s written by a “lapsed” Catholic disgusted by recent revelations of child abuse by the church in Ireland. It makes the point that one still gets counted by the church as a member – thus inflating the statistics. That to actually stop this it’s no good just being “lapsed” – one has to make it official. One has to actually defect.

The writer is encouraging this course for other Catholics who are “lapsed” or otherwise disgusted with the church. Here’s his advice:

“The genius’s at Count Me Out have compiled all the information you’ll need to complete this easy process on one website. Not Irish but still want to defect? No problem, the form is universal, so just fill this out and send it to the parochial house or bishop’s office of the diocese in which you were baptised. If you haven’t defected yet, then the church is using your membership to show that they have support. . .

Any other organisation would have been torn down after the first evidence of child abuse came to light. How many more horror stories do we need before the Church is put out of its evil misery?”

So – for all you “lapsed” Catholics out there. Here’s a practical step you can take to end this abuse.

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