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Sneaky scientists

This little snippet from  Michael Tobis (see Scientist Sneaks Science into Heartland Meeting).

“Apparently Prof. Scott Denning of Colorado State has tricked the Heartland Institute into accepting a talk entitled “Debunking Common Myths About Global Warming” for their annual conference caucus this year.

The joke is on them. It turns out that the presentation is quite excellent! (Well, except that it’s a Microsoft PowerPoint (with heavy use of Comic Sans) but if you can put up with that, here you go.)”

It is worth watching his power point presentation (download as power point or pdf file). While The Heartland Institute has provided some of video of speakers this presentation isn’t included. However, there is a short video of some comments from Scott Denning in which he appeals to the audience to avoid confirmation bias and recognise that their tactics of attacking climate science is effectively ruling them out of the debate on solutions. The are actually disenfranchising the conservative, free market voice on this question.  As a free marketer himself he believes capitalism is capable of developing innovative and profitable  solutions to the problem.


See also: Some humour Fourth International Conference on Climate Change

Credit: Image captured from PJTV video.


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