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Atrocious Science Clichés


This article from Wired (5 Atrocious Science Clichés to Throw Down a Black Hole) describes a couple of clichéd terms which sometimes creep into science writing. I can also suggest some others that have crept into the more political writing about science which we should also try to get rid of.

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Pimping Ida


Local blog, Bioblog, has a brief informative post about the fossil Ida and the public relations hoopla around it (see a wonderful fossil – but not a missing link). This hoopla is a worry – it’s not the way to do science. I was shocked to find out that public release of information on the fossil, and the first scientific publication on it, coincided also with publication of a book and screening of a TV documentary! Big money is involved.

The New Humanist goes into more detail about the PR spin around Ida (see Pimping Ida and Ida fever).


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