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Ranking NZ blogs with sitemeter data

There’s a school of thought that the only reliable way to rank blogs is by using actual sitemeter data for visits. Unfortunately, most blogs don’t make this information public. Perhaps if more did bloggers could compare their statistics with those for other sites or have a listed ranking. This would help their interpretation.

I have managed to identify 37 New Zealand blogs with public sitemeter stats, or who self report this information – mostly from Tumeke’s blog ranking reports (see nz blogosphere rankings : March 2009). So how do these sites rank amongst themselves? Have a look at the table below for the April ’09 data. And for those interested in comparing sitemeter data with the traditional blog ranking indices, and with the rankings of Tumeke, Halfdone and Open Parachute – look at my analysis below the table.

Update: Homepaddock has passed on (see Naked Stats) that her stats are also public so we now have 38 blogs on the list.

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Rating NZ blogs

I have had a go at rating New Zealand blogs along the lines used by Tumeke and Halfdone. It’s an interesting exercise because it raises the questions of what one is measuring – and why.

human-contactObviously we want to get some idea of a blog’s influence or “reach.” But really that would take complex sociological surveys and would produce only vague results. So, inevitably, the blog rank must be defined by the methodology used. So it’s no surprise that Tumeke’s and Halfdome’s surveys do produce different rankings for most blogs. Especially when we get below the top 20.

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