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New Zealand Blog ranking Montage

Here’s something for the more visually inclined New Zealand bloggers. The NZ blogs from the March ’13 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking presented as web pages. It’s the New Zealand Blogs Montage  (or see this blog link) prepared by Andrew Stephens.


Would be nice if this updated every month.

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Richard Dawkins in Wellington next March

dawkins lectureAuckland got Richard Dawkins by video this year when he announced the winner of the inaugural Royal Society NZ science Book of the Year award.

Next March Wellington will get him in person. Dawkins will be speaking during the Writers and Readers Week at the NZ International Arts Festival.

Details (evening of Wednesday March 10 at the Wellington Town Hall) are at the Arts Festival website. Tickets can also be booked from there.

Something to look forward to?


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