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Sustainability and ethics

ssfnz-cover-198Review: Strong sustainability for New Zealand : principles and scenarios, by Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand Inc. (SANZ).

NZ Publisher: Nakedize Limited

NZ RRP: NZ$19.99

Binding: paperback

Pages: 52

PDF available for download here. Briefing (with audio) here.


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I think almost all of us will admit, in our more honest moments, that we can’t go on as we are. “Business as usual” is just not a long-term alternative – ethically as well as economically.

Most attention these days focuses on climate change. But, this is just part of a wider problem resulting from our influence on the environment. Climate change, the undermining of biological diversity, the problems of waste production and resource depletion.

Sustainable economics seems the obvious way of confronting these problems. But what this is, and how to do it, can be controversial.

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