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Flying pigs

Baron von Monckhofen

Perhaps we need a bit of humour in the “climate wars” at the moment. The blog “Climate Scum” may provide some.

Apparently it was hacked and an apology from “The Heartlend Insitute” chair, Joseph Bust, was posted.

Heartlend apologizes for deception

In an unexpected move today, the dear people at the Heartlend Institute followed the example of Peter Gleick and issued an apology to all of humankind for their many deceptions. Joseph Bust, the Heartlend Institute chair, declared:

I was deeply move by Peter Gleick’s heartfelt apology and his expression of remorse. I have realized that it is time that also we at the Heartlend Institute consider the moral implications of our actions. When I look back at what we have been doing for many years, regarding the climate, the environment, smoking and so on, I feel deeply ashamed. Peter Gleick may have lied to one of our staffers in order to get those documents, but we have systematically been lying to all of humanity during all of our existence. So please, don’t be angry with Gleick: it is us that you should be angry with. We beg on our bare knees for forgiveness for our anti-climate, anti-environment, anti-health and anti-science activities, and we promise that we will never do it again.

We also want to apologize to the IRS for falsely pretending to be a public charity. We are so sorry! Take all the money you want!

via The Climate Scum: Heartlend apologizes for deception.

Well, the blog owner was furious and has made all sorts of demands of Heartlend (see post Warning: The previous post was a fake). He is demanding:

“(1) that the responsible person removes the Fake Post from Baron von Monckhofen ‘s web site;

(2) that the same person remove from Baron von Monckhofen ‘s web site all posts that refer or relate in any manner to the Fake Post ;

(3) that the same person removes from Baron von Monckhofen ‘s web site any and all quotations from the Fake Post;

(4) that the same person publishes retractions on Baron von Monckhofen’s web site of prior postings; and

(5) that same person removes all such documents from Baron von Monckhofen’s server.”

“What, me worry?” – distorting climate change data


Peter Gleick has a simple useful article in Forbes illustrating various ways that climate change deniers/contrariness cherry pick data to support claims that global warming is not occurring (see “Global Warming Has Stopped”? How to Fool People Using “Cherry-Picked” Climate Data). He is referring to an increasingly common argument that deniers/contrarians are promoting in OpEd columns and opinion pieces in newspapers. We have seen it here too, and the comments at New Zealand’s premium climate change denier blog Climate Conversation Group are full of such claims.

Recently I dealt with that argument as expressed by an old colleague of mine in a letter to the NZ Listener (see Open letter across the barricade). In the “open letter’ I reconstructed my own example of how global temperature data can be cherry picked to promote the “global warming has stopped” myth. But I had in the back of my mid  an animated graph which showed this more clearly.  Now I have found it – and reproduce it below. It’s from Skeptical Science (a mine of information) and is usually referred to as The Escalator.

I think this demonstrates the dishonesty of cherry-picking beautifully.
Mind you, it doesn’t stop motivated deniers and bloggers picking up these dishonest articles and promoting them to similarly motivated reader. Have a look at Local Whale Oil’s No Need to Panic About Global Warming.”
A classic example of the activity that goes on in the climate change denier echo chamber.