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Pope Benny’s speech – graphically

Came across this simple reaction to the recent speech where Pope Bennie attributing all the ills of the world, and specifically Nazism, to atheism and secularism.

Stef Lewandowski gets his argument across with a Venn diagram.

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Thanks to Stef Lewandowski in The Pope’s speech, Venn style

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Moral leadership on stem cells?

Pope Benny’s recent comments on Aids in Africa reminded me of an experience I had as a child in the early 1950s. I used to help my Father (he was a milk delivery man) in the early mornings. One morning we found a wallet dropped outside the local Catholic Church before the early morning mass.  I remember my Mother’s moral indignation when they discovered a condom, alongside a rosary, in the wallet. “Hypocritical Catholics” was her comment.

8 cells

8 cells

But I think it’s wrong to accuse members of a religion of hypocrisy because they refuse to go along with the “moral” demands of the Church dogma. With the “moral” exhortations of the Church leadership.

We know that many Catholics condemned the Pope for his comment on condoms and Aids, and most Catholics also ignore the Church’s ban on the use of contraceptives. People have all sorts of emotional, family and historical reasons for their membership of a religion. The moral exhortations of the Church leadership may well be irrelevant to most members.

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Hoping for justice

Pope Benedict may have faith in his god, but appears to have none in humanity. In his encyclical Spe Salvi (Saved by Hope) released on Friday he says “A world which has to create its own justice is a world without hope.” That for humanity to establish justice is “both presumptuous and intrinsically false.” Even “a world which has to create its own justice is a world without hope.”

The human hope for justice

Justice is a human construct. Every system of justice, past and present, has been created by mankind. Every future one will be.

Human history gives many examples of injustice and oppression in the name of justice (often linked with the name of God). But we are an intelligent species, capable of learning from mistakes. Capable of working to build societies and ethical systems aimed at providing better and more democratic justice.

Let’s face it – if we don’t create our own justice, no one else will!

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