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A nice little tool for printing blog posts

Sure, it can waste paper, but I often find it convenient to print off blog posts or web sites for later reading. Partly because it’s just impossible to read anything of length on a computer screen.

But very few blogs have a print facility. And even those web sites which do, such as most newspapers, are usually not convenient. For example they may not enable one to do a print pre-view. Or the print format may be horrible. Printing straight from the browser usually produces a cluttered result with often unreadable font sizes.

Imagine printing this page directly:

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Bright future for books

Isony_ereader_PRS-500 am sure this is true. It’s the details of that future I find confusing. People in the publishing industry are talking about being on the cusp of a change. Similar to that which previously hit the music industry (see Is the e-book reader a new chapter for literature?).

There’s no doubt digital formats are taking off. But, that doesn’t mean the printed book is doomed. And many details of electronic book readers are still not sorted out.

The big issue is of course copyright and digital rights management. This has meant that while digital book readers are becoming more common in the USA (eg. Amazon’s Kindle) they are not yet being sold in New Zealand and most other countries. That’s frustrating for people who want practical examples. Some New Zealanders have brought e-book readers overseas – but I usually want to try before I buy.

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