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Surly theism

preacher1What is it with some of these god-botherers. Mention atheism and they can’t help themselves. It must be all the demonisation they are exposed to. They just can’t see atheists as human can they?

Last week we had Pope Benedict declaring that atheists are responsible for all our environmental problems: Continue reading

Hand of God


Paul Cultrera

I watched the documentary Hand of God the other night. It left me deeply angry.

The film was made by Joe Cultrera and documents the sexual abuse suffered by his brother Paul as a child. The abuser was the Catholic priest  Joseph Birmingham. Paul was abused as an alter boy in the 1960s and told no one, including his family, for 30 years. Meanwhile the priest, despite other allegation of sexual abuse, was promoted by the diocesan (seems to be a common way for the church to ignore the problems it creates).

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